Share your views with Isobel and her team

Isobel is standing to be your next MP.

Twickenham needs someone with real life experience, and Isobel is a civil engineer who understands how to get things done.

Crossrail 2 could transform transport in Twickenham. It also unlocks access to affordable homes, jobs and investment.

We would like to hear what you think about this, what you love about Twickenham, and how we can make it better.


Twickenham Survey

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4. Crossrail 2 proposes bringing new railway stations to Twickenham, with affordable homes, jobs, investment and improved commuter times. How concerned would you be if Crossrail 2 was delayed or dropped entirely?
5. How concerned would you be if the Liberal Democrats went into a coalition government with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party and the SNP?
6. Isobel is a Civil Engineer with experience outside politics, rather than being a career politician. How important is this to you when you decide who to vote for?
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