Meet Isobel Grant, Civil Engineer and Community Champion

Isobel went to school at St Catherine's in Twickenham, having grown up in the borough. After living abroad in China, Japan and Tanzania, she returned to live in west London where she has been an elected local Councillor, and where she is bringing up her four children with husband Charlie.

She has a strong background in industry, having worked as an engineer for the past 20 years.  Having studied in Manchester she went on to qualify as a Chartered Civil Engineer.

As an engineer, she has contributed to some of this country’s iconic projects, including the infrastructure for the 2012 Olympics and Crossrail.

Isobel served as a school governor at Castlebar school, a school for children with learning  disabilities, for over 9 years. She is now a trustee at the international humanitarian charity RedR.

In 2018 Isobel received the Telegraph Top 50 Women in Engineering Award.

Isobel Grant, Chartered Civil Engineer and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Twickenham:

"20 years ago, I was given an incredible opportunity: a job in the career that I love.

Not many girls grow up to become engineers. Yet I am now doing things that as a child I could only have dreamt of, helping build huge infrastructure projects like the 2012 Olympic Park and a rural primary school in Tanzania.

Everyone in Twickenham deserves to have the chance to build the life they love. That is why I am campaigning to be your next MP.

We have an exciting opportunity to kickstart a transformation of our local community, build a thriving economy and make our area the best place in London to live.

My ideas for Crossrail 2 would expand Twickenham's railway lines and build new stations, creating affordable homes for young families, more jobs, more investment, and shorter commutes.

But for Twickenham to see the benefits, we have to campaign for them. Without an MP championing Twickenham in Parliament, there is a risk it could be delayed, routed elsewhere, or poorly implemented.

It's also true that communities thrive when people feel safe, which is why we need the extra investment in police and the new powers they are getting to reduce crime.

Twickenham needs an MP who will get things done to give residents like you the opportunities you deserve."