More police with the powers they need

A community like Twickenham cannot thrive unless it feels safe. The rise we’ve seen in serious violence across London is deeply worrying. And Twickenham is not immune to it.

Robberies in Twickenham have increased by 32% over the last twelve months, drugs crime by almost a quarter, and possession of weapons by 7%. (Source)

Twickenham residents have said they want to see more officers in their neighbourhoods with the powers they need to protect the public and cut crime.

Isobel and the Conservatives have announced they will recruit 1,369 police officers in London in the first recruitment wave, and a total of 20,000 nationally. They will also extend their powers to stop and search, to take knives and drugs off our streets.

The Lib Dems want to scrap mandatory prison sentences for carrying knives, drugs and even corrosive substances used in acid attacks. Many residents are concerned that this would risk more knives, drugs and violence on the streets of Twickenham.

Isobel will fight to give police officers the powers and resources they need to keep residents like you safe.