How we can use Crossrail 2 to benefit Twickenham

Crossrail 2 is not just about railways. It is about bringing homes, jobs and prosperity for all Twickenham residents, regardless of how you travel.

Our local economy depends on having good transport links.

But our railway network is suffering capacity constraints and increasing commute times, making Twickenham a less viable place to start a business or a family. And the problem is only getting worse.

Crossrail 2 would fix the railways, sorting out crowded trains and infrequent service. It would also bring huge benefits to residents like you through our community and our local economy.

Crossrail 2 is currently expected to support 200,000 jobs and spur the development of 200,000 new homes across the region.

What does this mean for Twickenham residents like you?

It means:

More affordable housing: so that young families can afford to live here.

More jobs and apprenticeships: so that Twickenham's economy can thrive, by bringing in businesses who want to benefit from our transport links.

Prosperity: benefiting us as a community as well as financially, making Twickenham the best place to live.

Disruption would be minimal, as Crossrail 2 would expand on our existing lines, while improving quality of life and the environment.

What's the catch? Some politicians aren't making the effort to get this done. Jeremy Corbyn even wants to delay it until after HS3! And the Lib Dems would help him become Prime Minister.

To make sure this happens in a way that benefits you, and that it isn't rerouted or poorly planned, we need a civil engineer of 20 years experience as our MP. Isobel will help us deliver the most important project for Twickenham's future.