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I am a Conservative activist, and over the past decade I have served the party as an elected politician, parliamentary candidate and as a volunteer in every role at association level, alongside my career as a design director and bringing up four children.

In my role as an Associate Director for global design consultancy, Arup, I have led major projects up and down the country. I know what it takes to build the infrastructure, housing and energy network the UK so urgently needs.


My work has been recognised, and I was recently elected a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

In my spare time I help run the family farm, which straddles the Devon-Somerset border near Dulverton. 

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Isobel has been a Conservative parliamentary candidate in Bristol and London

I am someone who gets things done.


We need to make this country the best place to bring up children, grow a business and grow old. This is what motivates me to serve as an elected politician.

Conservatives are the party of aspiration and opportunity - I believe that stewardship of our communities and the environment requires difficult choices and personal responsibility. Once again voters must see that Conservatives are the only party of economic stability.

I am a Conservative who believes in a better state; I know that government can't and shouldn't do everything. For a strong future we need to empower people and communities.

Infrastructure that connects communities; prosperity for local people and businesses; With my proven background in project delivery, I believe I'll be an asset in parliament. 

The UK needs to focus on building the right infrastructure for energy security, sustainable transport and above all housing, and we need people with the understanding of how to make this happen at the heart of government.  

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